This section elaborates on Asia Pacific Projects typical (but not limited to) Scope of Services, Management Methodology and Procedures for a Project.


  • APP’s principle responsibilities shall be to manage the Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Project.
  • APP shall review and monitor that construction is being carried out in accordance with the Contract and Specifications and, if not, take appropriate action to ensure it is rectified.
  • APP shall advise upon and manage any disputes on behalf of the Client / or its representative.
  • If requested by the Client, APP shall work with a representative of the Client to liaise with local government authorities. For such, APP representatives shall co-ordinate with the Client and with the relevant authorities to resolve all issues arising from or in connection with the construction works under which APP is appointed.
  • The APP Team shall manage construction works under an approved Quality Control Plan and in accordance with relevant statutory requirements. At commencement of his services, the APP Team shall submit for the Client’s approval a Quality Control Plan which is prepared in compliance with all relevant statutory requirements.