Contract Administration

  • Oversee the preparation of Construction programmes and monitor same during the project;
  • Carry out all contract administration of the Construction Contract including:
  • Recommendation on progress claims to Client after input from Q.S;
  • Approve contract variations;
  • Assess extension of time claims and adjudication thereof;
  • Liaison with the administration of the Design Team - including review of documentation and expediting the provision of documentation to the Contractor / Builder to prevent delays to Construction programme;
  • Review, provide comment and monitor the adherence to quality assurance procedures implemented by Contractors;
  • Manage and coordinate the relevant specialist consultants to carry out the required quality control inspections;
  • Maintain project financial statements, noting project budgets, committed costs, forecast costs and accounts paid;
  • Approve Consultants fee claims;
  • Prepare detailed reports for Client;
  • Co-ordinate and minute meetings with the Client / Project Control Group to ensure timely decision making and orderly instruction of the Design Team;
  • Formally review and document construction and design progress at the Client / Project Control Group meetings;
  • Provide advice on construction matters as required;
  • Attend Contractor site meetings and monitor that information flow and Client decisions are occurring in a timely manner together with the correct recording of project progress;
  • Prepare a final project report;
  • Undertake negotiations with Contractor and specialist Contractors in relation to finalisation of accounts;
  • Prepare and co-ordinate Provisional sum tender documentation;
  • Co-ordinate prototypes and samples for Client approval;
  • Arrange the compilation of detailed defects lists as per the Head Contract;
  • Facilitate the commissioning and testing of all relevant building services;
  • Report back to the Client on results of all testing and provide advice should and shortfalls in performance be noted.



  • The APP Team shall, in conjunction with the Other Consultants, liaise with the contractors and provide answers to all queries and questions in a timely manner;
  • The APP Team shall assist The Client by coordinating and managing the other Consultants in obtaining all requisite licenses, consents and approvals for the project. (Note: The final responsibility for obtaining all requisite licenses & consents and approval and fees for the Project lie with The Client.)
  • The APP Team shall liaise with The Client and other consultants to facilitate a smooth handover and adequate training in systems and maintenance procedures to all products installed for the project. The APP Team shall obtain all maintenance manual from the contractors or the manufacturers of these products.
  • The APP Team shall provide Certificates of Handing Over and all other certificates, awards and decisions required under the Construction Contract are properly issued.
  • The APP Team shall establish and implement procedures for reviewing and processing requests for clarifications and interpretations of the Contract Documents, shop drawings, samples and other submittals, contract schedules adjustments, change order proposals, written proposals for substitutions, payment application and the maintenance logs.



  • The APP Team shall submit to The Client Monthly Reports incorporating construction progress, update of the Project Master Schedule, and issues affecting/delaying project progress.
  • The APP Team shall facilitate that monthly payment claims and other valuations and certificates are approved and processed by the relevant Consultant and all payment schedules are issued by the relevant Consultant on behalf of the Client or its Representative.
  • The APP Team shall regularly update of the Project Master Program and shall advise The Client of any extensions of time, where, appropriate.


Time Management & Construction Schedule Report

  • The APP Team shall prepare, maintain and operate a milestone program for the Project or part of the project under which he is appointed.
  • The APP Team shall monitor all programs and report on potential design and construction problems, potential delays and forecast milestones.
  • The APP Team shall review and provide comment on the “detailed” Construction schedule as supplied by the appointed Contractor’s. He shall advise that the schedule is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents and that establishes completion dates.
  • Prior to issuance of a Variation Order / Change Order the Construction Manager shall determine and advise The Client as to effect on the Project Master Programme of the change. The APP Team shall advise that activities and adjustments of time, if any required by approved Variation Orders / Change Orders have been incorporated into the Contractors’ Construction Schedule.
  • The APP Team shall report on whether the Contractors’ Works are on the right track for the contracted schedule and he shall require the Contractor to prepare and submit a Recovery Schedule with which either the Contractor shall increase his resources, working hours in order to catch up with the contracted schedule or otherwise as specified in the Contract Documents.



Quality Management and Project Quality Plan

  • The APP Team shall prepare a Project Quality Plan (PQP) which complies with ISO 9001 in relation to the services.
  • The APP Team’s PQP shall address the following requirements:
  • the PQP shall identify all obligations and responsibilities of the Consultants;
  • the PQP shall identify all obligations and responsibilities required to achieve the Project Objectives;
  • the PQP shall provide a tracking mechanism to allow the status of the Project to be identified at any stage during the Project; and
  • the PQP shall be revised in accordance with the reasonable request of The Client or its Representative so as to link the APP Team’s PQP to the quality systems of Other Consultants and Contractors, integrating them in such a manner that the overall quality system is a coordinated tool used to assist delivery of the project.
  • The APP Team shall brief all Project Team members as to the objectives of quality assurance


Inspection, Testing and Certification of Construction Works

  • In accordance with APP Team’s Agreed organizational chart, suitably qualified staff shall carry out inspection of the Construction Works and comment that such Works are in accordance with contact drawings and specifications.
  • The APP Team shall endeavor to obtain satisfactory performance from each of the Contractors in terms of Quality and Time. The APP Team shall recommend courses of actions to The Client when requirements of Contract and Specification are not being fulfilled.
  • The APP Team shall exercise overall authority through audit and, if required, revision of the Contractor’s quality systems, procedures, and records for overall quality control. The APP Team shall be responsible for the quality control system to monitor the quality of materials delivered to site and Works carried out on site and shall:
    • Inspect materials delivered to site to ensure compliance with the Specification
    • Inspect sources of supply
    • Ensure all necessary field and laboratory tests are carried out in an approved manner or at an approved testing laboratory
    • Arrange any additional tests to be carried out at the Contractor’s expense, if the Contractors propose materials deviate from the original specification included in the Contract Documents.
    • Ensure that the Contractor maintains a set of up-to-date detailed testing procedures and records.
  • The APP Team shall consult with The Client regarding the Contract Documents and make recommendations whenever design details adversely affect constructability, cost or programmes.
  • The APP Team shall receive from the Contractor’s on completion of the construction all the operation and maintenance manuals, warranties and guarantees for materials and equipment installed in the project.
  • The APP Team shall determine when the project and the Contractor’s works is substantially complete. In consultation with the Designer, the APP Team shall prior to issuing of Certificate of Substantial Completion, prepare a list of incomplete work or work that does not conform with the requirements of the Contract Documents. The list shall be attached to the Certificate of Substantial Completion.
  • Prior to completion of the project, the APP Team will develop and implement a testing and commissioning program which shall include the criteria for acceptance of the work, material and equipment installed in the project. The APP Team shall prepare and submit to The Client a report on the status of all materials and equipment subjected to commissioning tests. The report shall recommend to the Client whether works, materials and equipment should be accepted or rejected by The Client.


Monthly Payment Certificates

  • The APP Team shall in co-ordination with the Quantity Surveyor review the progress payment applications submitted by Contractors and determine whether the amount requested reflects the progress of the Contractor’s work. The Quantity Surveyor shall make appropriate adjustments to each payment application and shall prepare and forward to the APP Team / The Client’s Representative a progress payment report. The report shall state the total contract price, payments to date, current payment requested, retention and actual amounts owed for the current period. Included in this report shall be a Certificate of Payment that shall be signed by the APP Team and delivered to the office of The Client.


Assessment of Variations and Change Orders

  • The APP Team shall establish and implement a Variation Order or Change Order control system. All changes to contracts between the Client and the Contractors shall be only by Variation Orders/ Change Orders executed by The Client.
  • Upon the request of The Client, the APP Team may authorize Variation Orders/ Change Orders in the work from the requirements of the Contract Documents that involve adjustment in the Contract price, or time which are consistent with the overall intent of the Contract Documents. The APP Team shall provide to The Client and the relevant Consultants copies of all such authorizations.
  • Upon the request of The Client, should a variation occur or should The Client proposes to make a design change to the Project during construction the APP Team shall fully assess the financial (in collaboration with the Quantity Surveyor) and programme impacts of the variation and ensure the correct adjustments are made to the Contract Sum and construction Schedule.


Commissioning and Handover Management

  • When the APP Team considers each Contractor’s Work or a designated portion thereof substantially complete, the Construction Manager shall, jointly with the Contractor, prepare for The Client a list of incomplete, defective or unsatisfactory items and a programme for their completion. The APP Team shall assist The Client and other consultants employed by The Client in conducting inspections to determine whether the Works or designated portion thereof is substantially complete.
  • The APP Team shall:
  • Coordinate access to the Site required by The Client’s representatives, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Establish and maintain a defect identification and rectification procedures.
  • Represent The Client at commissioning, practical completion and handover procedures
  • Arrange handover at the completion of the Project to the Client’s operational team


Management of Defect Rectification Works

  • The APP Team shall coordinate access and monitor the contractors in respect of defects rectification of the Works administered by the Construction Manager during the construction phase. This service shall be carried out for the duration of the Defects Liability Period in cooperation with The Client’s operational management team providing a budget is approved for this purpose.