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Project managers face a myriad of variables when overseeing projects, considering the entire scope rather than isolated components. Therefore, an indispensable skill for construction managers is problem-solving. Each day brings forth a new set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Regrettably, in the process of resolving issues, construction managers may inadvertently give rise to new problems. Here’s how to sidestep the Construction Project Manager Pitfalls associated with problem-solving.

Construction Project Manager Pitfalls: Addressing the Wrong Issue

Construction Project Manager Pitfalls
Construction Project Manager Pitfalls

When managing project schedules and resources, there is a tendency to unintentionally tackle the wrong problem, realizing later that the focus was misplaced. Consider the following scenario about Construction Project Manager Pitfalls.

The task at hand is to install in-floor heating components before pouring the slab, but a crucial item is currently stored in a warehouse 300 miles away. Instead of awaiting delivery, the decision is made to dispatch someone urgently to retrieve the material. In this instance, the identified problem likely centered around the material being 300 miles away.

However, is that genuinely the problem? No. The actual issue was the absence of tubing. Opting for a 600-mile round trip to acquire it may be an incorrect solution. Alternative options, such as checking local supply sources or inquiring if a trade partner has surplus materials, might have led to the discovery of the required component or a suitable substitute. While there may still be a cost associated with the warehouse component, there are numerous ways to recover most, if not all, of that expense.

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At the onset of addressing any problem, heed the advice of Charles Kettering, founder of Delco and GM’s head of research for 27 years: “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

Construction Project Manager Pitfalls: Engaging Inappropriate Participants

In Construction Project Manager Pitfalls, it’s not uncommon for individuals to attend meetings on topics unrelated to their expertise. When addressing a problem, it is crucial to involve individuals with a genuine interest in finding a solution. The formal group, responsible for defining the problem and evaluating potential solutions, should consist of those who have a vested interest in resolving the issue.

Alternatively, there is room to include informal sources of input and potential solutions. Individuals lacking a direct interest or specific skills related to the problem, such as novices, can offer perspectives that those intimately involved might overlook. While incorporating them as a resource, it’s advisable to do so informally.

Construction Project Manager Pitfalls: Depending on Presumptions and Anecdotal Evidence

Assumptions are part of daily life, simplifying tasks by allowing us to wait for them to unfold. However, the construction industry often relies excessively on assumptions, from anticipating ideal weather to expecting everyone to be punctual. When making assumptions, it is essential to question their realism and validate them at each step, especially during problem-solving.

Anecdotal evidence frequently emerges when identifying the cause of construction-related issues. In situations where blame is potential, numerous anecdotal accounts may be introduced. To maintain focus on the problem and keep a broad range of solutions available, it is crucial to sift through third-party input, setting aside unverifiable claims and statements.

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Depending on Presumptions and Anecdotal Evidence
Depending on Presumptions and Anecdotal Evidence

Construction Project Manager Pitfalls: Approaching Problem Solving Backward

Backward problem solving involves beginning with an existing solution, such as a new tool or technology, and applying it to a problem without assessing its suitability as the optimal solution. Instead of allowing a problem to guide the search for a solution, this method results in a solution seeking a problem. Employing this problem-solving approach increases the likelihood of overlooking superior solutions.

Furthermore, it’s essential to recognize that each individual possesses limitations shaped by their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Their unique perspectives, stemming from these attributes, should be taken into account. When tackling daily challenges, maintain an open mind to avoid overlooking valuable insights that could miraculously resolve problems.

Approaching Problem Solving Backward
Approaching Problem Solving Backward

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