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Construction Supervision is an integral part of construction work and this is an important stage in construction in general and townhouse construction in particular. Especially for investors (households) who do not know about construction supervision consultant, they act as a protector to ensure maximum benefits and quality for the investor.

Before construction, we check and monitor the quality of supplies, materials and equipment installed in the work provided by the construction contractor according to the design requirements, including:

  • Check the manufacturer’s quality certificate, test results of standard conformity laboratories and equipment quality inspection results of organizations recognized by competent state agencies for materials. materials, components, construction products and equipment installed in the works before they are put into construction;
  • When doubting the results of quality inspection of materials and equipment installed in the work provided by the construction contractor, the investor shall directly inspect the installation materials, materials and equipment. into construction.

During the construction process, we inspect and supervise, including:

  • Check construction methods of construction contractors;
  • Regularly and systematically inspecting and monitoring the process by which construction contractors carry out work at the site. All inspection results must be recorded in the investor’s supervision log or inspection record as prescribed;
  • Confirmation of as-built drawings;
  • Organize the acceptance test of construction works according to the provisions of Article 23 of this Decree;
  • Gather and check documents for acceptance of construction work, construction parts, construction phase, equipment acceptance test, acceptance test for completion of each construction work item and completion of works. build;
  • Detect design errors and unreasonableness to adjust or request the design contractor to adjust;
  • Organize the re-inspection of the quality of construction parts, work items and construction works when there is doubt about the quality;
  • To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant parties in, solving problems arising in the construction of works.

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