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Top 9+ Strategies for Developers to Overcome issues during construction | Developers fulfill various roles during the construction process and thus face an increased level of risk and liability. The initial step towards achieving a successful project is to identify potential issues and obstacles that may affect your project prior to commencing construction. This allows for the mitigation or prevention of such issues.

The following compilation presents 10 effective approaches to overcoming the most common challenges faced by developers during the construction process.

Introduction about issues during construction

The construction industry is currently experiencing an exhilarating phase of continuous growth, accompanied by various issues during construction. While some of these challenges are relatively new, others have persisted throughout the industry’s history.

There are multiple approaches to addressing issues during construction. For instance, slow technology adoption rates can be viewed as a singular major challenge or broken down into several distinct problems, such as communication issues, scheduling problems, and documentation challenges.

In this discussion, we will highlight some of the most significant issues faced by the construction industry, starting with the issue of compliance in a rapidly changing landscape of rules and regulations. Additionally, we will touch upon other noteworthy challenges.

Issues during construction
Issues during construction

Staying Compliant with Regulatory Changes

The rapid pace of technological advancements requires continuous adaptation of rules and regulations to keep up. However, it is challenging for companies to stay aware of and comply with these changes, particularly when dealing with multiple levels of regulations. This includes global compliance standards, country-specific laws, as well as local regulations specific to a state or city.

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Amidst the deluge of work-related emails, it is not uncommon for important notifications regarding regulatory updates to go unnoticed. However, failure to comply with unnoticed changes can have disastrous consequences for most companies.

A recommended practice is to designate a specific location for regulation-related communications to ensure easy access and visibility. Additionally, some individuals dedicate a portion of their day to catching up on regulation updates and rule changes.

Effective Schedule Management

Even the most experienced professionals can make mistakes when manually managing schedules. However, modern technology offers a high degree of mitigation for this problem, through automation systems, project management applications across various devices, virtual task boards, and more.

This is just one example of how modern technology can partially or fully solve many of the issues during construction faced by the industry. However, there is another significant issue that has plagued the construction industry for quite some time.

Slow Adoption of Technology

The construction industry is notorious for its slow adoption of technology, which has been a persistent problem for several years. Despite acknowledging the potential benefits that newer technologies can offer, many construction businesses still allocate relatively small budgets to their technological departments.

Numerous advancements and departments, such as the Internet of Things, drone surveillance, virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR), wearables, robots, and more, are underutilized by many companies. Ironically, these technologies are highly effective in addressing some of the industry’s long-standing challenges. Scheduling, as mentioned earlier, is just one example among many on the list.

Slow Adoption of Technology
Slow Adoption of Technology

Pre-contract communication

It is crucial to clearly define the responsibilities of each party involved in a construction project. Transparent communication with all relevant contacts before, during, and after construction is essential to avoid any tasks or details slipping through the cracks.

Ideally, construction developers should arrange face-to-face meetings with the involved parties to foster a strong flow of communication. In cases where this is not possible, online platforms can be utilized by developers, construction managers, and contractors to outline the scope of work.

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Project team selection and procurement

Having a team of knowledgeable experts whom you can trust to carry out construction tasks is beneficial. Prior to initiating any construction work, it is important to assemble a group of subcontractors with the necessary skills, tools, and experience to meet the industry standards of your specific project.

Permits and inspection

Obtaining all the required documentation for construction helps prevent obstacles throughout the project. Taking proactive steps to acquire the necessary building permits and schedule property inspections ensures adherence to the timeline and compliance with the final structure.

Inadequate standard operating procedures

Every construction project is unique. However, familiarizing yourself with the common operating procedures followed in most projects empowers you to make a strong start.

To ensure daily productivity, it is important to outline the objectives of a construction assignment. Identify larger tasks that can be delegated to multiple teams. By paying attention to small details and adhering to effective operating procedures, you can streamline critical tasks and expedite the construction approval process.

Effective communication during construction

Maintaining open lines of communication among teams throughout a building project is crucial. By employing effective communication strategies, you can proactively prevent issues during construction. Designating someone responsible for communicating project updates to all parties involved minimizes the need for backtracking.

Effective communication during construction
Effective communication during construction

Inadequate projects control

Project control teams play a vital role in budget planning. Assigning someone to manage payments and monitor cash flow ensures that you never run out of funds at any stage of construction. With the assistance of a competent team, you can accurately map out a spending budget based on the project scope and the required materials for completion.

Resource management

Construction teams can only function efficiently when they have a clear understanding of the goals and tasks at hand. Insufficient resource management is a common issue faced by developers. Consider leveraging the expertise of experienced project managers who can train workers in groups, or explore available equipment in the market to enhance the efficiency of job completion.

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Recognizing the talent and technology at your disposal during an assignment allows you to maintain productivity on-site and avoid the need for rework.

Design and constructability issues during construction

Ensuring that the design of a new structure complies with local codes and industry regulations is essential to avoid costly errors. Whether it involves procuring materials, determining the required workforce, or negotiating construction schedules, the design and constructability of a building significantly impact budgeting and deadlines for teams.

Productivity declines

Constantly seeking ways to enhance the construction process is crucial. Scrutinizing every detail throughout a construction project provides insight into the team’s productivity level. Establishing systems that accurately track achievements and setbacks between tasks is important. Identify teams that may benefit from additional manpower or resources to improve task completion rates.

Standard of performance

Holding all parties accountable for their work is of utmost importance. Maintaining regular communication and follow-up with the groups involved in a project ensures compliance with contractual obligations and construction standards. Conducting frequent walk-throughs and inspections during the construction process can help resolve issues during construction before project completion, minimizing the likelihood of disputes.

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