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Eastside Car Park: Birmingham’s Multi-Storey Giant

The Eastside Car Park is a prominent fixture in Birmingham, England. It caters to the city’s ever-growing parking needs, offering a convenient and secure option for drivers.

Features of Eastside Car Park
Features of Eastside Car Park

While details on the exact number of spaces vary, sources suggest the Eastside Car Park boasts a substantial capacity, with estimates ranging from 120 to a whopping 975 vehicles spread across multiple floors. This makes it a significant contributor to Birmingham’s parking infrastructure.

Eastside Car Park in the Community
Eastside Car Park in the Community

Public Parking or Private Facility?

Information about public access and pricing seems to be dependent on whether the Eastside Car Park refers to a public on-street parking zone or a private multi-storey facility. Birmingham City Council enforces on-street parking charges in the Eastside zone, with designated hours and exemptions for Blue Badge holders.

Eastside Car Park
Eastside Car Park

There’s also the possibility that the Eastside Car Park refers to a private facility named “Safeside At Eastside”. This car park might have its own independent pricing and operation schedule.

Strategic Location and Functional Design

Situated conveniently near a major event center, the Eastside Parking Building caters to the ever-growing parking demands of Auckland’s bustling downtown area. However, its functionality extends far beyond a simple parking lot. Here’s what makes this building stand out:

  • Multi-Level Parking: The six-story structure offers ample parking spaces, alleviating parking congestion in the vicinity.
  • Integrated Amenities: The building cleverly incorporates several additional features that maximize its utility. These might include:
    • Street-Level Commercial Units: Shops or restaurants on the ground floor could add vibrancy to the area and provide convenient services to visitors.
    • Rooftop Gym: This amenity might offer building tenants or the public a space for fitness activities with scenic city views.
    • Apartments: Residential units within the structure could create a mixed-use development, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

This combination of functionalities transforms the Eastside Parking Building into a valuable asset, catering not only to parking needs but also potentially offering retail, recreation, and residential spaces.

A Commitment to Speed and Efficiency

The construction of the Eastside Parking Building employed a unique method – the SPEEDFLOOR® concrete floor system. This innovative approach utilizes precast concrete slabs, offering several advantages:

  • Reduced Construction Time: The prefabricated nature of the system allows for faster installation compared to traditional concrete pouring methods. This potentially translates to a shorter construction timeline and quicker completion of the project.
  • Minimal Disruption: SPEEDFLOOR® installation might cause less disruption to existing structures or surrounding areas, making it suitable for projects in busy urban environments.

A Distinctive Design Element

The Eastside Parking Building isn’t just about functionality; it also boasts a unique aesthetic element. The building’s exterior is clad with 187 individually imprinted aluminum panels featuring a Nikau palm design. This artistic touch adds a layer of visual interest and integrates the structure into the local landscape with a subtle nod to New Zealand’s native flora.

Project Management Expertise

Behind the scenes, Asia Pacific Projects is credited as the project manager for the Eastside Car Park. Their involvement highlights the meticulous planning and construction that likely went into creating this essential parking solution for Birmingham.

EASTSIDE CAR PARK project in New Zealand
EASTSIDE CAR PARK project in New Zealand

A Reliable Parking Option

Overall, the Eastside Car Park plays a vital role in Birmingham’s transportation network. With its significant capacity and Asia Pacific Projects’ project management expertise, it offers a reliable and convenient parking option for Birmingham residents and visitors alike. Set apart by its aesthetic looks, the carpark building with ground floor retail and six decks of parking above, is clad in perforated 3mm stainless steel depicting a motif inspired by the nikau palm.


  • Project type: Retail
  • Services provided: Design management, project & construction management, construction supervision; Coordinate hiring.
  • Project Type: Hospitality and Leisure
  • Services Provided: DM, PM, CM

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