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From Tea to Luxury: The Enduring Allure of Oliver’s Wharf

London’s iconic Oliver’s Wharf, a distinguished presence along the River Thames, boasts a compelling story of transformation.  This magnificent structure’s journey stretches back to the 19th century, evolving from a center of commerce to a haven for modern luxury living.

Oliver’s Wharf on the street
Oliver’s Wharf on the street

A Grandiose Arrival: The Era of Flourishing Trade (1870s)

Standing tall since 1870, Oliver’s Wharf was the brainchild of architects Frederick and Horace Francis.  Designed in the Victorian Gothic Revival style, it embodied the grandeur of its era.  The building’s imposing brick facade and expansive arched windows, spanning five stories,  were a testament to the flourishing tea trade it supported.  Beyond its aesthetics, Oliver’s Wharf holds a significant place in history, earning a Grade II listing that recognizes its architectural and historical importance.

Oliver's Wharf kitchen
Oliver’s Wharf kitchen

A Pioneering Vision: Docklands Transformation (1972)

In 1972, Oliver’s Wharf embarked on a groundbreaking journey.  Spearheaded by the visionary Tony Goddard of the Goddard Manton Partnership, the building became a pioneer in the Docklands area.  It was among the very first warehouses in Wapping, and the entirety of Docklands, to undergo a remarkable conversion – a transformation into luxurious apartments.  This innovative project breathed new life into the once industrial space, creating a mere 23 exclusive residences.  Oliver’s Wharf’s conversion marked a pivotal moment, showcasing the potential for adaptive reuse of historic structures and paving the way for future Docklands projects.

Oliver’s Wharf, a distinguished presence along the River Thames in Wapping, London, boasts a rich history that bridges the gap between the industrial past and contemporary luxury living. Originally constructed in 1869-70, this Grade II-listed building served as a prominent warehouse, specializing in the storage and handling of tea – a vital commodity in 19th century Britain.

Oliver’s Wharf’s architectural style reflects its industrial function. Built in the Gothic Revival style, the warehouse possesses a characteristic robustness, evident in its red brick facade and large windows. This design feature, while ensuring ample natural light for storing goods, also hints at the potential for spacious living areas in a future conversion.

The year 1972 marked a significant turning point for Oliver’s Wharf. Pioneering the trend of dockland warehouse conversions, the building underwent a meticulous transformation into luxury apartments by Tony Goddard of the Goddard Manton Partnership. Oliver’s Wharf holds the distinction of being the first warehouse conversion project in Wapping, and one of the earliest in the entire London Docklands area.

The conversion process aimed to preserve the building’s historic character while incorporating modern amenities. The warren of rooms added over the years were removed, creating a light-filled, three-story volume. Open mezzanines were incorporated to establish a seamless flow between private and communal areas. Residents enjoy the benefits of modern living, including lift access, balconies with stunning river views, concierge services, CCTV security, and even bike storage and parking facilities.

Oliver’s Wharf’s exceptional location adds to its allure. Situated on Wapping High Street, it offers easy access to the River Thames, St Katharine Docks, the iconic Tower Bridge, and the bustling City of London. This prime riverside location provides residents with breathtaking views and a vibrant atmosphere, combining the tranquility of the river with the excitement of the city.

Today, Oliver’s Wharf stands as a testament to successful architectural adaptation. It has transformed from a center of London’s tea trade into a prestigious residential address, offering a unique blend of history, character, and modern comfort. The building’s enduring presence serves as a reminder of the ongoing evolution of London’s docklands, where industrial heritage seamlessly integrates with contemporary life.

Modern Comfort Meets Enduring Legacy (Today)

Today, Oliver’s Wharf stands as a beacon of successful adaptive reuse.  Residents enjoy a unique blend of modern comfort and rich history.  The meticulously preserved Gothic details add a touch of grandeur to the contemporary living spaces.  Large windows not only bathe the apartments in natural light but also offer breathtaking vistas of the River Thames, a constant reminder of the wharf’s vibrant past.

Oliver's Wharf living room
Oliver’s Wharf living room

The remarkable story of Oliver’s Wharf wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the project management expertise of Asia Pacific Projects.  Their meticulous work ensured the building’s heritage was respected while facilitating its transformation into a luxurious residential space.

Oliver's Wharf buildings
Oliver’s Wharf buildings

Oliver’s Wharf’s enduring legacy exemplifies the enduring allure of historic architecture and the power of thoughtful redevelopment.  It stands as a testament to the vision of those who recognized its potential and the project management team that brought that vision to life, securing a new chapter for this remarkable landmark.This old heritage listed warehouse is one of the first old warehouses to be converted into housing yielding twenty three expensive luxury apartments. It is described as “the most architecturaly sophisticated warehouse in London”


  • Project type: Apartment and Retail.
  • Services provided: Design Management, Project Management
  • Project Type: Residential and Retail
  • Services Provided: DM, PM

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